Spritesheet Plist Editor for Texture Packer and BuildBox

Sprite Sheet Plist Editor for Texture Packer and Buildbox

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This software is a every Game Developer/ Designer’s most handy tool. If you need to re-design a new game purchased from Envato Market or any other market. Then this tool can save your money spent on the projects on such market. This is awesome application made in Java and runnable on any OS which supports Java Run Time Environment.


– Get all the Sprites present in the Sprite Sheet.
– Now easily extract every Sprite from a Plist file.
– Fast and Easy and pixel perfect result.
– Merge Back all the Sprites after editing on the exact same position so that the Sprite sheet stays the way it is meant to be.
– Compatible with Texture Packer Plist files.
– Edit the Sprite Sheet without its main project file.
– Preview all the Sprites present in the file.

When there is no Texture Packer Project file. This tool can extract your sprites from sprite sheet and Save the exact dimensions sprites. And once you are done editing, this tool will put back the same sprite in same position so your plist can read it. Our software reads the plist file and extracts the data and cuts out the images for you.
Also supports Rotated Sprites in sprite sheet.

Important note of usage:

1: Remove “<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC “-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN” “http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd”>” from file.(As this could be faulty in some cases, so better to remove it completely.)
2: If plist file doesn’t contain sprite names with format “.png” then you will need to uncheck the “Contains PNG Sprites” before setting it.
3: Enjoy your cropped sprites. Edit them and Merge back in the same position using this same software.
Prerequisites: Java 1.6 <br>
Execute the PlistEditor.jar file in the Dist folder.

2 Quick reasons our customers love this software:

1. It helps edit a BuildBox project without the need of Buildbox which costs approx $99/month.
2. Some one sold you a game source code and you dont have the Texture packer project files to edit the sprite sheets.