Project for Al Seoul

Milestone- 1(Done): 

1: Install OpenCV in Unity
2: Process Image to remove background.
3: Remove background from the video and track hands.

Project Description:
AR application:
-Detect Hands of person in device A using OpenCV. Detection should be marker less. Detection should be only for hands down from elbow to fingers.
Transmit the data from Device A to Device B using Wifi. Real time networking of Unity would be used to do this.
Use the data to move a 3d hand in another device. Or show the raw hands in another device from the point cloud data we received.
-Client and Server Real time communication between 2 devices on a local network.

Milestone 2(In Pursuit):

Using Leap motion detector, send the recorded hands from Desktop to Mobile device.
Record button would be clicked to start recording gestures. And recording is done, send button would be used to send the recorded gestures to the client.
Recording would be played back on Client immediately without any controls.
Server can see what Client is seeing.