The New Sprite Editor (Trial)

This is the Trial version of The New Sprite Editor. Please contact us if you have a different style of Plist file. We are constantly updating this software to work better.

This software overcomes the limitations of the Old Spritesheet Extractor.
Now you can use this tool to edit Spritesheets of Zwoptex, Texture Packer, Buildbox, Cocos2dx.
Below are the example of Plist files which would work:

Trial Features:
  • Preview of sprites present in your Plist/PNG file.
  • Supports Zwoptex, Texture Packer, Buildbox, Cocos2dx Plist formats.

*Important note of usage:

1: Remove “<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC “-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN” “”>” from file.(As this could be faulty in some cases, so better to remove it completely.)
2: If plist file doesn’t contain sprite names with format “.png” then you will need to uncheck the “Contains PNG Sprites” before setting it.
3: Enjoy your cropped sprites. Edit them and Merge back in the same position using this same software.
Prerequisites: Java JRE 1.8
Needs Internet to Activate