New Combo 2 in 1 (The new sprite editor & Spooky any PNG editor)


Spooky Any Spritesheet PNG Editor


The first ever Intelligent Spritesheet extractor. It will automatically detect all your Sprites present in the PNG file. Although the Accuracy is approx around 96-100%. But Surely this software will help you edit any Spritesheet. Also our favourite Merge Back feature lets you edit these Spritesheet with very ease. This software is in its Alpha level. We would be making sure this software gets more features in future.

If you have lost your Spritesheet project files or you want to edit the Spritesheets outside the Spritesheet Editor softwares like Texture Packer or Zwoptex or any other tool in market then this Software could be very useful tool. We love all the Spritesheet Editors. For which we bring you Spooky our first every AI based Spritesheet Extractor which can work with any Spritesheets.

Now you can edit any Manga , Anime, Classic spritesheets you find online. Best results only come when the Spritesheets have transparent background.

The New Sprite Editor (Plist Editor)

Video Demo:

This software overcomes the limitations of the Old Spritesheet Extractor.
Now you can use this tool to edit Spritesheets of Zwoptex, Texture Packer, Buildbox, Cocos2dx.
Below are the example of Plist files which would work:


1: Edit every single sprite in Spritesheet right from the software.
2: Extract all the sprites.
3: Merge Back all sprites at once.
4: Merge Back one sprite at a time within our Software.
5: Open the Sprite you need to edit in Spritesheet.
6: Supports Zwoptex, Texture Packer, Buildbox, Cocos2dx Plist formats.

This software can edit our Multiplayer Little Fighters code Plist files. So now its very easy to edit your own hero. No other tool provides better editing than ours.

For more details do check their personalised Product Page.