Desktop Client for Android TV App


The idea of this software is to help connect our Android TV App to stream live Desktop to Android TV like Sony.

How to Get Audio Streaming Working on Mac/Windows

Follow this blog page for the setup:

  • Helps Stream Live Desktop onto Android TV.
  • Quality Control for Screen Streaming. We gave 4 quality settings, which can improve the FPS of the streaming.
  • 3 Modes to choose from. Our main focus is on Transferring Screen more then Audio. So we have 3 modes, AudioVideo, Only Audio, Only Video. Choose what could be good based on your speed.
  • Set the sound flower volume to remove the white noise in the Audio Streaming.
  • Start Streaming and Kill Streaming.
  • Java JRE
  • Operating System: Mac OS, Windows, Linux
  • Sound Flower Only for Audio on Mac
Download Android TV App

Follow the link below to install Android TV app on your TV.