Why Unity 3D?

Here are few reasons why you should go with Unity 3D

 Unity 3D

  • Easy to handle Elements in game. Elements like Sprites for 2d or Models for 3d can be very easily handled. Drag, Drop, Animate, Greatness that’s it!!
  • Animations are super easy. Create 2d or 3d animations very easily. Most of the times you will find yourself just dragging things from here to there.
  • 20% of coding. 80% of your time will be spent on creating the game without code.
  • Higher Quality for Mobile. If you plan to develop for Mobile platform then Unity could be one of the best place to land.
  • Complete Crossplatform support.
  • User Interface to design a stage is Epic. You might find yourself copy pasting things most of the times.
  • Huge support from developers around the world.
  • Free Personal license. Unity is now free to use.
  • Assets Store rocks!! Install and Use Assets for 100s of developers and designers. All come together in 1 store which can be easily accessed directly from within Unity environment.
  • Easiest way to deploy your project for IOS, Android. Your games could be accepted by App store and Google play in the first trial itself!!
  • Check out epic games like Subway Surfers, Temple Run. Build with Unity 3D.