Want to sell or market your BuildBox Game?

Buildbox Games

Here are few tips which you should keep in mind while selling your BuildBox created games.

1: If you are planning to sell your game on Envato, Chupamobile, Sellmyapp or any other sites then you should know the customers who wants to buy your game are not necessarily familiar with Buildbox.

2: If they are not familiar with Buildbox then probably they will not be interested in spending extra $99 to buy the Buildbox subscription to edit the $49 purchased Source Code. That would make their investment a total of $148.

3: You should create a Youtube Video explaining how easily your customers can edit the game. Here is an example video of our friend who did it correctly and is getting a great traffic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQDOTtI7hIw

4: Make it easy for your customers by pointing them to right tools. Check out our home page to see some tools which could be used to easily reskin any game.

5: Market your game to all social media sites.

6: Always give 100% support to your customers. And try to give them options to hire your team to do a make over of the game at very low cost.

7: Create a blog to promote your source code.

Reference: www.buildbox.com