Quick Reminder on fixing Humanoid issues in Unity

Its a big deal when it comes to fixing issues related to animations. Most of the indie developers use Mixamo for animations. And most of the developers now a days are used to work with Animators and animations in Unity3d. Here is a thing which I find very interesting about Humanoids in Unity, Unity says Humanoids are mostly used to adapt animations. So you can use a girl’s animation on top of a boy or any boy animation on a monkey. But most of the times in my development life cycle I have been going back and forth trying to achieve that and found below things which you should consider when you are doing cross animations with Humanoid.

  • Your character should be a perfect T Pose and have all the required bones with proper naming. Like Hips, Spine,Head,Neck etc. Only then Unity will recognise your character as Humanoid. And if Unity couldn’t find the bones it needs then it will give you error message which would describe the issue.
  • This one is very important, People everywhere will tell you not to scale your models in the game, or directly from Hierarchy. And rather would ask you to do that in the Model settings of the selected model in project window. Well this is not true. If you do this then your Humanoid animations linked to this model will not work with any other models. There are more issues related to this which i will continue below.
  • If you set the scale property to anywhere more then 1 in the Model settings then any new animations you add to unity will give you issues of bones position mismatch. Which will big time screw things up for you.
  • Make sure your all your animations are set on 1 model and not multiple models if you plan to re use the animations on multiple models. For Example, if you have a fight game to make and you got a punch and a kick animations which you want to use on same characters like Ryu and Ken then its smart you set the humanoid animation to only 1 Avatar and not different every time. So Kick and Punch animation should be linked to only 1 Avatar and not different.
  • Place your Animations where your main Model is. Trust me you will be fixing lot of issues if you did this.

That’s it, for more tips on Animator and Animation, we will be having more blogs coming up.