Extract Mugen Sprites Easily

Mugen Sprites

There are lots of Spritesheets available online. They are all pack with lots and lots of animations. Using which you can easily create your own game.

But to extract the sprites you need a tool which could work with you and give you all the sprites from spritesheets. Without opening photoshop or pixelmator to edit. To fulfil this requirement we have launched a very awesome tool which would do just the same.

Spooky, our any PNG spritesheet extractor can extract any sprite from a Transparent Spritesheet.
You can google any spritesheet and extract the animations using Spooky. Its an Amazing tool.

The first ever Intelligent Spritesheet extractor. It will automatically detect all your Sprites present in the PNG file.

Although the Accuracy is approx around 96-100%. But Surely this software will help you edit any Spritesheet.
Also our favourite Merge Back feature lets you edit these Spritesheet with very ease. This software is in its Alpha level. We would be making sure this software gets more features in future.

Do check its video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vt7fodgbFcM

Purchase link : https://store.bluegamerzstudio.com/downloads/spooky-spritesheet-extractor-and-merger/