Buildbox made by “Code Sellers” and for “Code Sellers”


Honestly, the new era in the Gaming industry is for those who sell the best of the code online which follows the latest trend. We do not say this because we sell code, but we say this because the top Game Maker Softwares like Buildbox is made by couple of guys who believed in this. Recently all the subscribers of Buildbox got the mail which had a video showing how the founder of Buildbox started his journey. And in this video he specified that Buildbox team was in code selling. Do not take this the negative way. But the way the video explained was really something which will make every code sellers and code buyers feel great. Because code buying is not a bad idea and neither is code selling.

Why Sharing?

Sharing has been our birth right. And lately what we see on forums and “Question & Answers” sites is that everyone tries to stop you from questioning “How it was made?”.  For an Indie team its almost impossible to crack what technologies were used in the top selling games and apps. But for those people who has got it right all by themselves are not afraid to share. Even the developers within the big corporations like Microsoft, Apple have this urge to share their knowledge about technologies, algorithms, logic, idea, concept, etc. But coming back to only gaming industry now. We see lot of sharing happening within the Indie Market. Envato being one of the best trusted brands supports this. We support this. Buildbox supports this.

Buildbox has given opportunity to thousands and lacs of Indie developers, the opportunity to create a conceptual running model of what they think. Using these running models (Games) could be sold to hundreds of other growing Indie teams. If you have an Idea, just go ahead and create it with Buildbox. If you are good at making lots of ideas then give the time to create it in Buildbox. You can earn by selling as an App on the stores. Or you can earn by selling the source to those who like your idea and can make it even better.

Now to us what we believe in is that people come out and make the best games out of the purchased source code. It could be in terms of designing or in terms of additional features. Anyways by selling your source code creates you a Sharer, Founder, Architect, Helper, and above all a Great Person.